• Measurement by tension Load cells.
• DMS strain gauge amplifier with readout or a SIWAREX card (SIEMENS S7 PLC).
• Simple digital inidcators or touch screens in many sizes ( up to 19").
• With or without linearisation of the load cell output characteristic.
• Completely customized.
• Datalog systems optional.

Safe Load Indication
• Measurement of the on hook load.
• Outreach measurement .
• Automatic Overload Protection ( load moment limit switch ).
• Digital readout of  actual load, outreach and % loadmoment.
• Faillure diagnostics messages on display.
• Visual and acoustic maximum load moment alarm and pre warnings

•Completely customized

Test rig -  measurement, visualizing and control.
• Software development in house.

Winch drum pay out and linepull
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• Static and/or dynamic line pull measurement.
• Readout and limiting of pay out length.
• Readout of line pull and active working layer.
• Limit switch for maximum line pull.
• Measurement of line pull in band brake, motorcurrent or hydraulic system.

• Completely customized

Measurement and visualisation
• Total solution for your weighing.
• Touch screen up to 19".
• Completely client specific custiomized.
• Software development in house.
• Network integration for data exchange.


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