The sensors, amplifiers and indicators from Lorijn & Loos / Multi Function are widely used in the industry and offshore;
for example in;


•Overhead cranes
•Winches and hoisting

•Overload / loadmoment security
•Load measurement
•(Winch) Tension measurement

•Container cranes
•Machine building
•Mooring hooks
•Dredging equipment etc.

•Slack wire detection
•Constant Tension etc.

Load Pin with hydraulic hose coupling Wall penetration for underwater use and EX enviroment Wall penetration with a Souriau 8810 connector
Stainless Low Profile with hand held indicator for mobile pressure measurement underneath a cylinder
Load pin holding a winch for tension measurement Load measurement with large display and overload security Wire tension measurement in a sheave on deck
Wire tension measurement with an dynamometer Overload security an small deck cranes Theatre load measurement and overload security
Measurement and security on container cranes Overload security on a tractor for towing or pushback operations Dynamometers in Marine style finish
Cabinets with display's for tension, length and oil pressure of the winches
Special products and custom made sensors
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